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Cloud Assessment & Migration

Data holds the key to innovation, better performance and competitive differentiation.  But to open the door, to a look inside that data, it takes a high power platform and scalable infrastructure at the nerve center of an operation, to extract the valuable insights.  Our cloud strategy assessment, offers a detailed look at your data centers, infrastructure, applications and data architecture.  We will design a strategy that aligns IT to the needs of the business.  

Success Story for Cloud Migration TS.png

Rapid Solution Design Workshop

Do you spend tons of time in meetings and have nothing to show for it?

We can help deliver an idea or prototype that investors, clients and staff can experience in as little as 3 to 5 days.    The facilitated workshop will map the challenges, identify the audience and define the outcome.  We will then work with your team to sketch potential solutions, define the best one and socialize it with the targeted audience of your customers.

RSDL Service Tactical Strategies .png

IT Utility - Scalable Architecture

We work to radically simplify the complex and costly infrastructure model and move you to an adaptable and flexible IT utility model for your business. We have many success stories, but transforming healthcare is one of our best.  We helped an $8B health system migrate to the cloud in order to deliver population health/value based care analytics, patient centered care, centralized EHR and single sign-on, saving them hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Success Story Healthcare_TS.png

Data Architecture - Connecting the Ecosystem

Connecting disparate systems enables the foundation for solid analytics and data science.  Evidence based insights come from holistic views and consolidation information available to the user to have context to the needs of the patient or consumer.

Success Story on Data Architecture TS.png

Turning Data into Information - "The Science of Policy"

Providing context to technical data to understand how you are progressing on shared goals is a complicated challenge.  The art of connecting, normalizing and visualizing information from bi-national entities is no small task.  The art of translating data into information and telling a compelling story, was a challenge we delivered on.  Collaborating with hundreds of state, federal and policy leaders, enabled us to design a progress dashboard that can change environmental outcomes.

The Science of Data Driven Policy.png

Not sure where to start ? Try one of our Quick Action Blueprint Workshops 

Within hours of the workshop we will deliver you a quick action blueprint to help start you on the journey to change.  Identify resources, automation enabling technologies, new and existing processes that can improve operations. This is a collaborative and inclusive approach to developing a plan for change.  Change is more likely to be successful if employees, leaders and customers are part of creating it.

Quick Action Blueprint Example.png

Fractional IT Leadership : CIO, CTO, CSO, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect

We offer fractional IT leadership resources that can give you the advantage the big companies have, with access to top talent.  With options for our CIO as a Service that gets you the help you need, without the expense and overhead of a full time resource. Have a short term project? Need help quick starting or planning a technology need?  Let our team help you to plan, estimate, bid or implement IT.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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