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We bring together the leaders, doers and users of your products and services to understand the needs that are not met today.  We use that information to develop the problem statements that need solving by our experts. We create a whole new strategy for tackling the marketplace and changing "how" things should be done.



We take away the barriers and excuses as to "why it can't be done".  That information is used to build the framework around the strategy we will use to create transformative solutions.  Through a mix of technology, architecture, and process we can change how you do business and engage your suppliers, employees and customers.



What we do is designed to not just make a product or service better, but to change how it engages those it serves.  We want to deliver disruptive change that transforms "how" people do things.  We want to raise the bar for your competition, by making you the new industry standard.

Chart & Stethoscope

Health System

Cloud Transformation

Migrated to the cloud in order to deliver big data analytics, patient centered care, scalable infrastructure, virtual desktop and golden record with a centralized EHR and single sign-on.

Prescription Drugs

Specialty Pharma

Clinical Data Repository

Designed an integrated system architecture with a clinical data repository for medication adherence, formulatory management, personalized planning and risk management.

Seniors Socializing

Continuum of Care

Migration to the Cloud

Migrated from multiple data centers to a private cloud solution to improve system performance and reliability.  Rationalized and recommended remediation of applications to reduce costs. 




They say that how you experience something can leave a lasting impression on how you feel about a product or service you buy.  Whether that is your experience receiving medical services within healthcare or buying a book online, it is all about you.  How easy is it for you to get what you need, how quickly do you receive it, was it the quality or experience you expected? These are the things we are passionate about helping you solve.  We formed our consulting organization back in 2012 with a focus on improving the experience, no matter what industry your in. 


Success begins with leveraging the knowledge within.  Through a series of collaborative sessions we help you to innovate your future.  Innovation that is transformative in nature can improve your bottomline, deliver unparalleled service, and create a loyal consumer to your brand.  We are about engaging your team, customers and leadership to deliver the right strategy to transform your business.  


Once we have imagined the future, determined the critical pieces of data and designed the ultimate process....then technology stacks can be applied to solve the challenge.  We have hundreds of experts that can address user experience, security, analytics, process, technology platforms and so much more.  We will deliver a transformative and engaging experience.




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