IT Strategy and Transformation

Most organizations have learned to make do and and ask for very little of IT, budgets and resources have been stretched to tight.  But amazing things can happen when conversations around the direction of the business and how IT can align with that to enable that transformation.  Disrupting industry is what technology can do and if done right with a proper strategy, plan and resources can deliver compelling results.

Asset Funding and Leasing 

As the banking and leasing industries grow more fragmented each day, each has adopted a more selective approach for its credit approval process. Compounding the challenge of identifying the right funding partner is the myriad of boilerplate financing and leasing agreements tailored to lender’s advantage. You need an aggressive, experienced advocate to navigate through this process from start to finish. We provide independent and unbiased lease management services to companies that have an interest in saving money while leveraging the many benefits leasing has to offer. Leasing expertise is a critical element to ensure you have negotiated the best structure for each and every schedule. 

Technology Selection and Managed Services 

We help take you through the complex process and simplify the decision making to decrease your risk of a failed investment.  There is so many choices when it comes to technologies around CRM, ESB, EDW, Cloud Providers, Desktop Service Providers and many other solutions for business that you can't afford to be wrong.  We help manage your organization through the entire RFP/RFI process with our scorecard matrices, risk scores, references, proof of concept models and RFP/RFI templates customized to your specific business objectives.

Digital Engagement Strategy

Smartphones and tablets are the device of choice for consumers and businesses alike.  We are a society on the go that wants to be able to access what we need, when we need it.  Our comprehensive approach looks at the transactions, opportunities for growth and capturing market share that can be derived from enabling your applications.  We analyze five key areas: Transactional volumes, labor intensive back-office processes, consumer value, regulatory and application/platform viability to support anticipated interoperability and consumer engagement services.  

Data Analytics Strategy and Assessment

The best resource to improve your business is sitting locked in your applications.  Our team of big data experts can help you unlock the analytical value of the data you already own.  We assess five key areas and develop a plan to make the most of the data you capture and store.  Through the use of innovative platform technologies we can help you collect, process, display and analyze data.   Our solutions help you build experiences on top of that data that enable  workflow and operations to become simpler and more efficient.  The wealth of knowledge is already in your systems, we just help you tap into it to make informed decisions.  

Program and Project Management Audit

Navigating IT, business operations and vendors is not a simple task.  It takes a level of discipline, experience and processes to successfully organize, manage and deliver projects for business.  We offer a comprehensive program to assess your capability maturity level and address shortcomings in your project management teams.  We can help you establish a project management office or help you hire, plan and implement the right resources to deploy your IT project.

Infrastructure Assessments

Connectivity and space is something we just take for granted, it should always work, like the light switch in your office.  Often we hear: “The network is down all the time.” “No storage available.” “The connection is to slow.” “I can't do my job because I can't get access remotely.” The truth is, we expect the network to be available anytime and anywhere.  We focus on assessing eight key areas: Performance, Cloud Enablement, Maintenance, Financial Data, Anticipated Growth,  Technology, Governance and Risk Management.  

Software Development Risk Assessment

More then 80% of software development projects fail, we help you to not become another statistic.  Our analysis looks at the five areas where we often see failure:  Charter and Scope, business alignment, functional specifications, usability design, platform architecture, project and SCRUM management, testing, release management and documentation.  We have experts that can quickly assess and provide recommendations to ensure a successful outcome.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Proliferation of applications both through off the shelf and homegrown has stretched the boundaries of IT's ability to support the business.  We help analyze and look at five key areas to radically simplify the architecture and promote a cost efficient and connected business operation: Application profiling, value, cost, interoperability, and map that to the current and future opportunities for the application.  We deliver a rationalization approach, framework for application portfolio management and roadmap.

Helpdesk Operational Assessments and Audits

We love them when they help us. And we love to complain about them when they don’t: “Too slow to answer.” “Too slow to fix my problem.” “Closed my ticket and I still have a problem.” “Not knowledgeable enough.” The truth is, we expect IT to help with anything and everything.  We focus on assessing five key areas: Expectations, Metrics, Best Practices, Technology and Resourcing.  

Enterprise Architecture Planning

If you don't have a strategy for your enterprise it will become disruptive and chaotic to IT operations, frustrating to the users and financially bankrupt IT's budget.  We help you look at a framework of IT principles, Infrastructure Frameworks, Applications, Security, Governance,  and Supporting the Business.  Building business platforms that enable an agile organization to compete in the marketplace.  

Vendor Management Strategies and Supply Chain Audits

Sometimes you are so close you can't see the forest for the trees.  We help look at several key performance indicators and recommend mitigation strategies or relationship management structures to ensure optimum value from your suppliers.  Key is aligning expectations, supply demand and vendor performance for a fair price to meet all these just in time.  Whether it is staffing resources, material goods, or services we can help you establish a framework for success.