Why your IT strategy has to include digital engagement

In a recent study done by Nielson Mobile Insights, some interesting facts came in on the percentage of smartphone ownership by age group.  Just a few years ago less then half the population ages 18-34, a generation known as the millennials, had a mobile phone of any kind.  In a recent study completed last month by Nielson a staggering 98% of millennials now own a smartphone. 

This accelerated adoption rate by this age group as well as all the others, paints a picture of the future.  Not only is it about social engagement, calendaring and email , that was the value just a few years ago.  It is a level of unprecedented expectations for how the public, business and consumers expect to interact with providers of services.  This extends into government, healthcare and industry consumerism--we are part of a "buy it now", "remind me", "get it now" culture.  Smartphones and there mini applications have simplified and engaged us to be more informed then before.  No longer are smartphones a way to connect quickly with others but it is a way of life, expectation how they will engage with providers, retailers and government.  

So if you have put off building that mobile strategy, you better think again and get going or get left in the dust.  If you have not put your thoughts to what you will mobilize for data and services then we can help, give us a call. 

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