Thinking of moving your data center to the cloud?

If your one of the organizations that have held onto your data center and been afraid to move to the cloud, then you are not alone.  Most have dipped their toes in but been afraid to commit more then test or development to these virtual data centers in the cloud.  Times are changing and the growing need to be able to offer better access to workers, clients and partners is pushing Data Centers to the edge.  The number of business and enterprise applications that can now be served up as a service, cheaper, faster and more secure is growing.  This shift in technology has enabled a level of autonomy for the departments that otherwise felt constrained by their IT organizations.  So as value of IT is diminished, so is the want to fund it, when easier choices can be had.   This shift in thinking is creating havoc for CIO's.  At the end of the day, almost everyone in an organization is "IT", so we are all responsible for it.  That is a dramatic paradigm shift from the two competing entities of business and IT that often needed someone to translate the business needs into technology needs.  Now technology and applications have become intuitive, simple to install and easy to customize.  My advice is if you are not looking at creating a strategy already, it may be to late, because the rest of the organization already is moving to the cloud in some form or fashion and you may not even know it.  If you limit email or storage, what can people do?  Now for just a few dollars per user each month they can get access to enterprise capabilities and unlimited storage.  Also, Dropbox and others offer little to no cost to share and collaborate on files.   These are putting enormous pressures on IT organizations all the while creating security cracks in the organizational armor.  

Developing a strategy and approach that gets you to the cloud and offers the solutions that the organization need is not easy.  Most organizations are not all-in-for-cloud or all-out, many are a hybrid approach.  The strategy has to encompass the various layers of business technology from the end-points to the mission critical applications.   Learn more about our services around adopting IT as a Utility and migrating applications to the cloud by calling or emailing us.

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