Doctor's see EHR's as storage, not as a tool for better health.

EHR's is one of the few products that get sold to healthcare institutions that have really missed the mark on delivering value. These products have been designed by technical engineers not physicians treating patients and it shows. With billions spent in implementing these tools for major healthcare organizations, there should be emphasis on value beyond compliance to regulations. These products are antiquated architecture that is not mobile friendly, it is not conducive to data extraction for better decision insights, it is not workflow friendly as we are led to believe. Most physicians leave "filling" in the data to physician assistants and nurse practitioners, rather then wielding the mantle of these archaic and cumbersome systems themselves. This defeats the whole purpose behind "better outcomes" that we hope to achieve with these tools. Whether it is patient safety, patient engagement, predictive analytics or decision doesn't matter if the right people are not willing to use these tools.

I spent 4 years embedded in a health system, meeting weekly with physicians and clinicians alike. The majority was frustrated with the interface and lack of intuitive workflow in the products their leaders had spent millions investing in. But switching systems costs tens if not hundreds of millions, not to mention lost IT resource time, heavy investment in infrastructure and clinical resources to implement a new system. But there is a solution, just because a product is not workflow friendly or contains features or data from other critical systems does not mean you can't build an interface to sit on top of the tools. The EHR's are essentially "storage" for the patient data and helps to meet all the regulatory compliance and accounting measures healthcare needs. Getting a whole view of patient labs, images, treatment records, health history etc at the touch of a screen can be done. I led a team through it so it is possible. Building a healthcare ecosystem to create an optimum environment for better care is absolutely possible. Just need to think outside the box, call us and we can show you how.

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