Transformational Coaching

360 Transformational Coaching Assessment: This is 30-minute verbal interviews with up to 10 people that work with the manager being assessed.  These can be bosses, peers or direct reports.  It includes a self assessment leadership online survey and report out to the candidate with recommendations or strategies to improve their level of effectiveness and influence as an executive, leader or manager. 





6 Month Program

Successful leaders are those that can adapt and change in a fast pace environment.  Let us help quickly identify how they can be successful and reinforce that as they go:

  • One 90 minute in-person session to jump start the program and develop a strategy that works best for the needs of your staff member

  • Eleven 30 minute bi-weekly, one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Access to planning tools, worksheets, agenda templates to facilitate self-improvement, improve team performance or drive innovation within their organization.

Email access to the coach Monday through Friday so they have support to deliver the results they expect in between the scheduled sessions.





3 Month Program

Weekly Advisory check-Ins

(up to 45 min sessions) – Proactive reach out by the executive coach to reinforce techniques learned, identify any deficiencies or problem areas as leaders work through major changes in the organization, structure or process.   These are a 3-month commitment that includes up to 12 sessions in the package to ensure successful transformations of major initiatives typically.  Usually in follow-up to a specific coaching or training package.